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Make the materials that matter, mobile.

A new genre of mobile technology that transforms any document into its own mobile application. Increase user engagement without added cost or complications.

All the best parts of current mobile technologies in one. 

  • Easily downloadable through QR code

  • Clickable navigation between pages

  • All phone numbers, emails, and URLs are actionable for users

  • Saved right on the home screen or app menu of any device (Android or iOS)

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Simplicity provides the best ROI

Current mobile tools bleed engagement at every click. By removing those barriers, DigiDoc sees double the engagement over traditional mobile applications.  

  • DigiDoc achieved an 88% participation rate for our client On Call International. 

Digital Distribution Done with Ease

For users, we drastically reduce the number of clicks needed to access the content they came for. With our platform, it's as easy as scan and save. 

For admins, there's no coding needed to build this experience. Our team will design an experience with your feedback or you're welcome to design it on your own. All you need is to save the design as a PDF. 

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Hear from our Customers

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"We use DigiDoc as a single source to provide pre-departure information, orientation videos, plan information, and access to our global intelligence, all without having to register or login to an app. We also embed click-to-dial phone numbers and a chat link so it's not only a site for information, it's how they reach On Call International's 24/7 Global Response Center when they need help."


Ariel Wiley

Director of Account Management 

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Our products support multiple industries who all face a challenge digitally distributing documents

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There is no shortage of documents and information insurance customers need access to. 

That's why we work with carriers, brokers, and assistance providers to create mobile accessibility for their customers.

Collegiate Risk Management

Frisbees, fridge magnets, and student handbooks are only a few ways we've seen colleges deliver important safety information to students.

Using our solutions, colleges can now deliver those resources to any mobile phone.

Benefit Plans

Managing the information distributed to large audiences usually takes a network of complicated solutions. 

Now it's as simple as delivering a QR code. 


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