Make the materials that matter, mobile.

Use our no-code platforms to create the mobile front end for any product or service that's easily accessible on any device. 

Learn more about how we achieve higher engagement rates and greater ROI delivering all types of content. 

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Every customer's journey ends with an exchange of information.  

Aerogami's products solve a universal problem for our customers: accessibility to what matters. Our solutions turn complicated documents and static PDFs into an engaging mobile tool without any coding needed. 

The data says it all, the current mobile channels for distributing and saving information for customers is broken. It's complicated to create and users do not engage at the same rate as they use too so it's time for something better.  

Learn more about a few industries we're helping do just that. Don't see yours? Head to our solutions page for more information. 

The current mobile channels are broken. 

To build a tailored mobile experience for customers takes an enormous amount of time, money, and increases complexity for any organization. The current technologies available such as mobile websites and mobile apps leave consumers with an inefficient and frustrating experience. 

We can see this in the data. Comscore, in their Global State of Mobile report, has recorded several years of declining mobile app downloads by volume despite consumers spending more time on apps.

Sending consumers through these channels will result in some level of frustration and even lost transactions according to's research.  

Understanding these data points is critical to think about the problem differently. Consumers want the convenience of mobile accessibility, just without the strings attached. That's what we're building for our customers at Aerogami. 

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Our Technologies

It's as simple as scan and save

Touchless Contact

Create a custom vCard to deliver every type of contact information to any device. 

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Give any PDF the features of a powerful mobile technology and distribute content to any device while capturing critical engagement statistics.

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Dynamic DigiDoc

All the great features of DigiDoc with dynamic API integrations. Build and deliver customized documents to customers 


Find your industry

Whatever the information, our products makes it simple.


There is no shortage of documents and information insurance customers need access to. 

That's why we work with carriers, brokers, and assistance providers to create mobile accessibility for their customers.

Collegiate Risk Management

Frisbees, fridge magnets, and student handbooks are only a few ways we've seen colleges deliver important safety information to students.

Using our solutions, colleges can now deliver those resources to any mobile phone.

Benefit Providers & Membership Associations

Managing the information distributed to large audiences usually takes a network of complicated solutions. 

Now it's as simple as delivering a QR code. 

Our Story

Aerogami is founded on the principal that simpler is better. 


Through this philosophy, we developed our solutions to be accessible in as little as two clicks as well as easy to create by prioritizing a no-code platform for our customers. 

Our journey started with an idea that customers today are looking for technology products that reduce complexity, not add to it. 


We proved this by creating products that operate within the native capabilities of modern devices instead of relaying on traditional app stores and achieved higher engagement rates because of it. 

Now our solutions continue to push that idea, creating new channels for delivering content to mobile phones with more efficiency than ever before. 

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