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Give any PDF the features of a powerful mobile app, without the complexity. 

DigiDoc saves our clients time and money by producing a better mobile app with less complexity. 

Learn more about what we're delivering with DigiDoc and the impact it's making for our customers. 

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The Problem

Sending users to download a company's app in the app store generates a 5-15% engagement rate and is the cause for 78% of users abandoning a transaction.

Why DigiDoc Matters

The data says it all: relying on a mobile app for capturing customers' attention does not work. Apps are complicated to create and users do not engage at the same rate as they use to. It's time for something better. 

Every customer's journey ends with an exchange of information.  

DigiDoc solves a universal problem for our customers: accessibility. This solution creates one mobile access point to products, support services, documents, and any other channel customers need on hand. 

The data says it all: the current mobile channels for distributing and saving information for customers are broken. They're complicated to create and users do not engage at the same rate as they use to. It's time for something better.  

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Simpler is better

Creating a mobile app is complicated and requires specialists to develop. What if we could create an app using the tools your marketing and customer experience teams already use? 

Saving time and money 

Any DigiDoc starts as a PDF. That means if your team uses Adobe InDesign, Canva, or even Microsoft Word, they can build a DigiDoc. 

DigiDoc in action 

Gone are the days of complex coding, high costs, and low download rates of traditional mobile apps. DigiDoc empowers our customers to create a mobile channel that works.

DigiDoc in Action

An app for all device types, without a visit to the app store.

Establish your company's mobile gateway and deliver policy materials the modern way: via the smartphone. Engage customers quickly and bypass the app store with a new mobile category. Equip them with all company resources in combination with their policy details. 

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Measure what matters

Our customers use DigiDoc to deliver all types of content and channels to their users. That's why we make it easy to measure the engagement activity on every DigiDoc. 

Through the Analytics Dashboard, we provide insight and data on the channels and actions end-users prefer on our clients' DigiDocs. 

With this feature, we go beyond making the materials that matter mobile; we measure what matters most to our customers and their audience. 

Insurance Policies now built for Mobile Phones

Turn fulfillment materials into an opportunity for creating a digital relationship with customers. DigiDoc makes it easy to turn those static PDFs into a powerful mobile application for any customer. 

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Want to Learn More About DigiDoc?

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