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Collegiate Risk Management

College campuses dedicate an enormous amount of time, energy, and money on developing some of the best risk management resources in the world for their students. Whether it's supporting Title IX programs on campus or responding to a call from a student abroad, there's no shortage of situations universities need to be prepared for. However, all that effort falls apart if students can't find the right resource when they need it most.

It's at that crucial point colleges and universities trust Aerogami's solutions to deliver those resources directly to any student's mobile device, because we know students always have their phones on hand. Learn more about the different solutions we've developed for colleges and universities below. 

Campus Safety & Title IX 

Learn how Aerogami's products support Title IX Coordinators and Campus Safety Offices to deliver the materials that matter most for keeping their students safe while on campus. 

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Global Education

Learn how Aeorgami's products support Global Education Offices to prepare and communicate with students who participate in programs internationally. 

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Campus Safety & Title IX

Being on a college campus is an exciting and limitless time for students. During their time at your university they'll meet new peers, find inspiring ideas, and shape their skills to use in the world. 

Unfortunately not everyone's experience is the same and during that same time incidents will happen that put students at risk or in danger. It's in these moments that critical university resources need to be easily accessible for students. 

That's the value of Aerogami's products for our Title IX Coordinators and Campus Safety Officers. Our no code platform creates mobile tools to share critical contact information and support resources with students that can be managed by an admin in your office. 

Touchless Contact for:

Title IX & Campus Safety

Every campus has a phone directory of the emergency numbers needed for any situation. We've seen them printed in handbooks, on websites, even on frisbees! 

However, in today's world, everyone reaches to their mobile phone to make the call; shouldn't the most important numbers on campus be there? 

We think so! That's why Touchless Contact allows any campus to customize a digital contact card (or vCard) that students can save directly to their phone's contacts app, so those numbers are instantly accessible when they need them. 

Campus Safety & Title IX
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Global Education

One of the most exciting educational opportunities for college students is studying abroad. With more options becoming available like faculty led short term programs or domestic exchange programs, more students are becoming mobile outside of campus. 

With that expansion comes new risks and challenges for universities and the offices that manage these programs. We understand that many offices have time and personal constraints which is why we created risk management tools that can be managed by a one person office. 

Slide through our available solutions below and select the one the best suites your office. 

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Touchless Contact for:

Global Education & Study Abroad

Going abroad is one of the top requested experiences for incoming college students, and for good reason. Studies show that students who study abroad are more prepared than their peers for life after college. 

However, managing students overseas presents additional risk management challenges for colleges and universities. Entire organizations have been built to help universities mitigate and address these risks, but they all fall apart if the student can't make the right call for help. 

That is why we developed Touchless Contact: so travelers can save all the contact data from different resources right on their phone - even international numbers!


"The Aerogami team has been fantastic to work with!  I appreciate how they have taken the time to understand our study abroad program process, and how they have patiently worked with our office as we roll out this feature to our students. Aerogami has really centralized and improved our emergency contact system. 


I am happy to count the Aerogami team as partners in our international education initiatives."

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Kevin Clancy, PhD.

Director for Center for Global Education at College of Saint Benefict and Saint John's University

Global Education

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