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Benefit Providers & Membership Associations

When delivering numerous benefits and resources to an audience, visibility is key. That's why Aerogami aims to deliver membership resources where they're the most visible: on the smartphone. With easy to use capabilities, your audience will keep coming back to your membership benefits.

Touchless Contact

Looking for a place in your audience's contacts app? Touchless Contact will get you there. Customize a digital card with your membership benefit resources. With Touchless Contact's easy-download capabilities, your audience will be saving the customized contact card in seconds.

mounted UAW card screenshot.png
mounted generic benefits screenshot.png


Turn any PDF into an interactive benefits hub for your audience. Include phone numbers, websites, and more. It's like your own code-free mobile app - with no need for your audience to visit the app store.

Dynamic DigiDoc

Need to tailor a document to individual customer needs? Dynamic DigiDoc is your answer. Via simple API connections, Aerogami creates unique DigiDocs tailored to each of your customers' needs. Doc creation and delivery is still a breeze.


"The Aerogami team has been fantastic to work with!  I appreciate how they have taken the time to understand our study abroad program process, and how they have patiently worked with our office as we roll out this feature to our students. Aerogami has really centralized and improved our emergency contact system. 


I am happy to count the Aerogami team as partners in our international education initiatives."

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Kevin Clancy, PhD.

Director for Center for Global Education at College of Saint Benefict and Saint John's University

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