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One platform to prepare and react to emergencies abroad 

Before we dive in, there are a few questions we ask every risk manager: 

  • How does the risk increase if a traveler can't access contact information?

  • Does the process of reacting to a crisis relay on travelers doing something first? Or is it up to administrators to take action? 

  • What is the back up process or tool if a student hasn't followed all instructions?

  • Is location information based on submitted information? Or live data? 

The reason we ask these questions is to understand the real risk if the primary tool or process created for a crisis falls short. 

This can happen for a number of reasons such as traveler participation, complicated tools, or lack of access to live data. 

How we prepare travelers

The best way to minimize risk is to prepare for it. Unfortunately we can't always be next to our travelers if they run into trouble, but we can give them the map to navigate whatever happens. 

In the Parachute platform, we provide the tools you need to send any type of information directly to travelers mobile phones that they can access at any time, even offline. See what we mean by scanning the QR code below or click the link here.


How administrators react

When emergencies happen, communication is a critical element to get right because any missed communications will put travelers at risk. 

In the Parachute platform we use the messaging apps already popular for travelers' casual communications so we get a response fast without requiring another app.


We utilize sms text, email, and WhatsApp to send an message in an emergency so administrators can get a response fast.   

Let's get specific

Parachute Cloud Elements v3.png

The Parachute platform features two tools built specifically to help prepare and react to emergencies. 

For Preparing 

Preparation is a combination of the right information and easy accessibility to it. Without either of those elements, a traveler is not prepared. 

To solve this we built the Safe Traveler Wallet Card, a mobile technology that allows a user to save all the information they need in an emergency, right on their phone (no mobile app needed).  

Schools can customize their wallet cards to contain the most important information for the traveler (phone numbers, emails, website, policy information, etc). 


Try it out!

For Reacting

When an emergency happens, a quick and reliable reaction is critical. Every minute that passes is a moment that travelers can be in danger.

Parachute uses the most popular messaging platforms already used by travelers to ensure we get a quick response during an emergency.  

Once a message is sent, travelers receive a notification through Whatsapp, sms text, and email with your message. Whichever notification they see first, they can respond within the message. 

All the responses are then organized in the admins dashboard so you always know who's been accounted for. 

GDPR Compliant Location Tracking

Respecting travelers privacy has always been at the core of our development philosophy. If travelers do not feel they can trust the platform or what third party providers do with their data, they simply will not use it. 

That's why our geo-tag service is GDPR compliant because we always ask permission before sending a students location back to admins and we do not continually track them throughout their trip. 

We only ever ask travelers to provide their location during the one brief moment we need them too.

Pricing Flexibility

We offer purchasing options with flexibility for all budgets and situations. Good risk management should not be inaccessible solely because of budget constrictions.


If you do not see an option that works for you, contact our team and we will work with you to ensure your office has a safety net. 

Best Value

One Semester Trial 


Try out our platform before making a full commitment. Get complete access to the Parachute platform for up to 1000 travelers including an on-boarding with our team, support for travelers and admins, and download guides for pre-departure orientations.

A minimum four month contract required. 

Annual Subscription


The most popular subscription choice to fit within academic year budgets. Get access to the complete Parachute platform up to 1000 travelers and unlimited trips. 

Included with this subscription is an on-boarding with our team, support for travelers and admins, and download guides for pre-departure orientations,

Trip Subscription


Our most flexible option yet! Need coverage for a popular program or a couple trips your office manages? This subscription is tailored for you. 

Get access to the Parachute platform for the whole duration of one program for up to 75 travelers