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One platform to prepare and react to emergencies abroad 

Learn more about the first travel risk management platform to integrate WhatsApp and offer 1 on 1 Messaging with travelers 


Why did we go this route?

After being in the space for more than five years, there is a trend we noticed within travel risk management. The only options available cost at least five digits and all required students to download an app which has varying results. 

These solutions can be appropriate for some offices but the feedback we heard was that most of the functionality these platforms offer never make it to the traveler and we wanted to change that. 


Our goal was to build a solution that students would engage with effortlessly to reduce response times and increase engagement while also giving educators the tools they need to react swiftly to an event. 

Let's show you what we built

Every traveler prepared, with a scan. 

The first part of the risk management journey is giving travelers something to prepare them for an emergency on their trip. 

With Parachute we include a solution that every traveler can use to save important contact information, international resources, processes or procedures, and all of it is accessible on the home screen of their phone.


(No app needed)

The Details

The Parachute platform features two tools built specifically to help prepare and react to emergencies. 

Parachute Cloud Elements v3.png

For Preparing 

Preparation is a combination of the right information and easy accessibility to it. Without either of those elements, a traveler is not prepared. 

To solve this we built the Safe Traveler Wallet Card, a mobile technology that allows a user to save all the information they need in an emergency, right on their phone (no mobile app needed).  

Schools can customize their wallet cards to contain the most important information for the traveler (phone numbers, emails, website, policy information, etc). 


Try it out!

For Reacting

When an emergency happens, a quick and reliable reaction is critical. Every minute that passes is a moment that travelers can be in danger.

Parachute uses the most popular messaging platforms already used by travelers to ensure we get a quick response during an emergency.  

Once a message is sent, travelers receive a notification through Whatsapp, sms text, and email with your message. Whichever notification they see first, they can respond within the message. 

All the responses are then organized in the admins dashboard so you always know who's been accounted for. 

GDPR Compliant Location Tracking

Respecting travelers privacy has always been at the core of our development philosophy. If travelers do not feel they can trust the platform or what third party providers do with their data, they simply will not use it. 

That's why our geo-tag service is GDPR compliant because we always ask permission before sending a students location back to admins and we do not continually track them throughout their trip. 

We only ever ask travelers to provide their location during the one brief moment we need them too.