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Push Notifications have arrived for DigiDoc!

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

A couple months ago, our team got some exciting news. Apple and Android were going to open up new permissions for our technology. We didn't know when and what they would release but we were hopeful these changes would open up a new suite of possibilities for DigiDoc.

Today we have the pleasure to announce those changes have led to a major enhancement for DigiDoc customers, Push Notifications!

Now live for all DigiDoc customers is the ability to send a push notification to their users, just like what they would experience in a mobile app. This adds a new element of convenience and connection for anyone who downloads a DigiDoc and the organizations who build them.

If you're reading this, you know how obsessed the Aerogami team is with creating products that truly engage users and adding push notifications furthers this ideology. Push notifications add another tool for Aerogami customers to keep their users engaged. Recent studies have found that sending a notification to users can increase retention by 190%.

The good news is most users want some type of notification from their mobile experiences. The Business of Apps found that 29-73% of Apple users opt in to push notifications and these figures gets better for Android users who range from 49%-95%. Now these figures are based on mobile apps, not DigiDoc. Within time we will be doing our own analysis of how users participate in push notifications and we're already feeling confident as DigiDoc has seen participation rates as high as 88% with certain client projects without push notifications.

So how does it work for admins? Once logged in to their Aerogami dashboard, admins have two options to send a notification. The first choice is to manually send a notification right away to users. Simply type the message and hit send, instant communication to everyone who subscribed to their DigiDoc.

The other choice is for the planners and forward thinkers. That's right, admins can schedule notifications to be sent at different times to their subscribers. Simply type the message that will be sent to subscribers, select the date and time they need to receive it, and Aerogami will take care of the rest.

This is a perfect feature to plan marketing campaigns or targeted outreach to customers during peak times of attention. For our insurance clients this can be at times of renewal or when a trip is beginning (or ending). There is no limit to the ways this feature can be used to grab the attention of customers.

Reach out to our team at to learn more about how push notifications and DigiDoc add a new element to mobile strategies by engaging customers through the documents they carry.


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