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Dynamic DigiDoc

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Dynamic DigiDoc takes all the great features of DigiDoc and adds the ability to tailor the information to be customer specific. 

Using Dynamic DigiDoc, our customers create a customized experience for every user based on the products or services they've purchased. 

With a simple API integration into any CRM or Database, Dynamic DigiDoc allows personalized experiences to scale on a mobile platform while still saving time and money. 

The Problem

Sending users to download a company's app in the app store generates a 5-15% engagement rate and is the cause for 78% of users abandoning a transaction.

Why DigiDoc Matters

The data says it all: relying on a mobile app for capturing customers' attention does not work. Apps are complicated to create and users do not engage at the same rate as they use to. It's time for something better. 

DigiDoc provides an answer to every problem in the process.

  • It's much easier for a non-technical department to create a DigiDoc PDF than a mobile app, saving organizations time and money. 

  • Users never have to visit an app store, but get all the same perks of an engaging app, leading to higher engagement rates and better ROI. 

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With a simple API Integration, customize materials to customers!

Consumers today expect a tailored experience but it can be difficult to produce that experience at scale. 

With Dynamic DigiDoc, we work with our customers to pull selective types of information into a DigiDoc specific for the customer, account, or product they need to send to the customer. 

For our insurance customers, it's information like policy numbers or Terms of Coverage Documents. For our assistant provider customers, it's unique contact data for a specific customers. 

Learn what kind of experience and information we can customize for your customers. 

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Less steps = higher engagement 

Not only is DigiDoc easy for your company to build - it's easy for your audience to utilize, too.

Downloading any DigiDoc simply takes a QR scan. With an extra tap, the DigiDoc is saved directly on the home-screen of any smartphone. No visit to the App Store required.

This means any materials you're delivering to your clientele is accessible from the smartphone in seconds; a user simply has to search for the DigiDoc on their phone.

Updating a DigiDoc takes effect in seconds, too. Once you upload a new version of a DigiDoc to the Aerogami dashboard, any user who has previously downloaded it will receive the latest version on their phone automatically. We can send an SMS notification notifying users of the update, too.

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