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We're here to help you through any troubleshooting situation. Scroll down to check out our most frequent troubleshooting questions. If you don't see your question, hit the "Let's Chat!" button on the bottom right corner to get in contact with one of our support specialists.

  • I can't find the "Contacts" button on my iPhone!"
    If you can't locate the contacts button (seen left), there's a chance that the Contacts app may have been deleted from your iPhone. Every iPhone comes with a Contacts app, but it is deletable. In order to download a pre-filled contact card, such as any Aerogami Contact Point contact card, you'll need to have the Contacts app on your iPhone. To re-download the Contacts app: you can go to the App Store and search "Contacts." It should be the first app that appears; it will be labeled as a utility. After you download it, you should be able to go through the whole contact card download process successfully.
  • The Contacts button doesn't seem to work on my iPhone.
    Apple has recently included a new "Contacts" button on the download screen, paired with an image of the app icon. However, it is non-functional, and tapping it freezes the download process. ​ If you have already tapped the Contact's icon, exit out of the the screen. Click the export button in the top right corner again, and then tap the wide "Contacts" button towards the bottom of the screen (it will be white or black, depending on if you are in dark mode). You will then be able to proceed with the card download process.
  • I can't find the export button on my iPhone.
    The export button, seen left, circled in red, looks like a small box with a blue arrow coming up from the center of it. Once you click this button, you'll be able to decide where to save the contact card.
  • I followed every step on my iPhone, but now I can't find the contact card in my Contacts app."
    If you were able to follow through every download step on your iPhone successfully, but can't locate the card in your contacts, there's a chance your phone does not save contacts directly on the phone. This is likely the case if you have a Microsoft Outlook or Exchange email account synced with your iPhone's Mail app. ​ The solution is to ensure your iPhone saves contacts to your phone, and not the Microsoft server. Here's how to do that: ​ Go to Settings > Contacts (you have to scroll down a bit to get to it) > Default account. If the default account is set to your Microsoft email, change it to a different email address, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or iCloud. Follow through with the card download steps again; you should be able to successfully locate the card.
  • How do I permit location-sharing on my phone?
    On Iphones Make sure you're starting in the one-on-one chat thread. 1. Bring the page to Safari by clicking the Safari compass icon in the bottom right corner. 2. Then, in Safari, click the site settings icon in the top left corner (it looks like a small upper case A and a larger upper case A). 3. Click "Website Settings." Then, click "Location" and set to "Allow." ​4. Now, close Safari and the DigiDoc apps (double tap home on older phones, swipe up from bottom of the screen on newer phones). 5. Re-open the DigiDoc and start the process over. Your location should be shared right away, and you should be brought back to your chat history in the one-on-one chat thread. On Google Phones/Chrome 1. On your computer or phone, open Chrome. 2. At the top right, click the three dots then Settings. 3. Under "Site Settings," click Location to see all the applications with blocked or approved location sharing. 4. Select and switch it to "allow" ​ Learn more at Google Chrome Help On Samsung Phones 1) Open Samsung browser. 2) At the bottom right side of the screen, there’s a button with three lines. Press that and choose Settings. 3) Go to Sites, then downloads, then Site permissions. 4) Press Location, which should take you to a list of websites. 5) Enable location for 6) You will need to restart browser or DigiDoc before the new change takes effect.
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