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Touchless Contact

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Touchless Contact is a digital business card and networking tool built for staying connected with your audience and customers. Create a custom vCard that anyone, on any device, can add to their contacts.

The Details

For Professionals

Skip the business card; leave a lasting impression with Touchless Contact.

Build out a digital business card, full of your contact details. Your connections can save it right to the contacts app on their phone. Bonus: all of your texts and calls will have proper caller ID.

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Risk Management

Arm students, travelers, and customers with the information and resources they need to navigate any crisis, right in their contacts app. Touchless Contact allows you to put contact resources in one mobile location where they're actionable in seconds. Simplify your distribution with Touchless Contact.

Membership resources

Deliver actionable resources, like phone numbers that give members access to their benefits, right in the contacts app. All resources are just a search away on any member's phone.

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