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Announcing... the DigiDoc API

This one has been a long time in the making...

Give a warm welcome to Aerogami's latest platform innovation: Dynamic DigiDoc, or the DigiDoc API.

If you want to distribute individually-tailored documents securely on any mobile device, and do it easily, then Dynamic DigiDoc is for you!

Dynamic DigiDoc allows you to connect your CRM or company database to the Aerogami platform via API. The Aerogami dev team customizes the connection based on what you want to share: anything from a policy number, resources unique to one of your customers, individual travel dates, and more. These details will auto-populate on your designed DigiDoc and deliver seamlessly to the appropriate end-user with a QR code or web link.

Dynamic DigiDoc allows you to update a customer's unique DigiDoc even if it's already saved to their phone. You can also pull your Dynamic DigiDoc from a user's phone at a set time: perhaps once their policy with you ends. If you want to get fancy, replace their expired DigiDoc with a Doc that helps them purchase their next policy through you. We're thinking work smarter, not harder. 😉

And just like any DigiDoc, these details save right to the home-screen of any smartphone. It's like an app, but without any of the drawbacks.

With DigiDoc, Aerogami customers achieve higher engagement rates, retention rates, and click-through rates from their users without the added cost, complexity, or time-to-market of typical apps. DigiDoc turns policy fulfillment into an opportunity to better-engage with policyholders and creates the digital relationship they've been missing out on.

Dynamic DigiDoc and our API have been development for quite some time. We have a new client going live with it soon... stay tuned to find out who!


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