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8 points of contact every college student needs on their phone in the COVID era

Back to school, here we come! With perhaps the most unique semester ahead of us, it’s important to make sure students are equipped with resources for any situation they may find themselves in - beyond emergencies. Since students are more likely to be isolated, whether on campus or at home, they’re less likely to rely on other students or staff for assistance. Equip students with campus resources where they can easily find them: on their phones. Here are eight resources students need on their phone when they go back to school.

Campus Safety

This one is a no brainer! Make sure your students have campus safety’s emergency line on their phones, should any emergency occur. If your campus safety also has a non-emergency line, it’s worth sharing with students, too.

Title IX

This one is a no brainer, too. Should a student find themself in a sexual assault scenario, they must know how to reach out for help, should they want to. Equip them with both the Title IX coordinator’s number, as well as any Title IX resources on your school’s website.

Health Center

Especially during the COVID-19 era, students need to be able to call the campus’ Health Center prior to entering the facility. If the campus health center has COVID-19 screening protocols, those are worthwhile to share with students, too.

Counseling Center

Make sure students know they have mental health support during this semester. Share the Counseling Center’s phone, email, and homepage - especially if it includes information about session pricing.

Res Life

Make sure students are able to ask questions to Res Life, regardless of where they are. Share Res Life’s phone number and email address.

Anonymous Tips line

For this valuable but lesser-known resource, it’s important to get the word out about it. Share this onto students’ phones so they know it’s an available resource.

Safety Escort/Ride System

This is a number that you don’t want students to have to find on their own. If your campus has a ride system, share the number for that, as well as hours of operation.

Regional Emergency resources

It’s worth sharing resources for regional clinics and hospitals with students. It can even be valuable to share 911 as a resource, in case any international student isn’t aware of it as the U.S. emergency number.

Looking for more tips?

Check out Aerogami's Lunchbox platform - it can help you share your campus' emergency contacts and resources digitally. Learn more here.


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