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DigiDoc for Campus Safety & Title IX

Distributing campus resources & services to every student is complicated.
Make it easy - and mobile - with Aerogami's DigiDoc
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Create the perfect campus support tool that’s accessible on any smartphone.
Just like creating a tailored Title IX or Campus Safety support app, but no coding skills required. Give any PDF the power of a dynamic mobile app; you have the power with DigiDoc.

Create a mobile app dedicated to campus resources

Gather the emergency resources and support services unique to your campus and community; either you or the Aerogami team will equip them in a PDF that is then turned into your unique DigiDoc.

Check out a scroll-through of a unique DigiDoc tailored to a campus on the right

Track student activity and engagement.

Track student downloads in the Aerogami dashboard. See which resources students use more frequently with the Analytics dashboard.

Analytics Dashboard Example v1.1.png

Keep students prepared for any emergency, year after year.

You can update the contents of your DigiDoc at anytime; students who’ve already downloaded the DigiDoc will automatically receive the updated version

Check out how what it looks like when a DigiDoc updates on a student's phone on the right

Want to Learn More About DigiDoc for Campus?

Fill out the form below to view our recorded demo, which shows DigiDoc for Campus in action.

Check out the demo

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