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The Many Faces of DigiDoc pt 4: Embedded Insurance

Welcome to The Many Faces of DigiDoc! In this series, we paint a picture of how DigiDoc can be put to work, engaging difference audiences across numerous fields.

Imagine you just signed up for a new pet insurance plan for the rescue dog you adopted last month. You actually found this pet insurance policy while browsing on a major pet supplier's website. They had a quote engine embedded right into the site, where you input details about your pup, as well as your desired deductible and other details.

Purchasing pet insurance was not on your 2023 bingo card

Once all policy details were finalized, the embedded quote generator lets you know you're all set.

That's when you first see it: DigiDoc.

Here's your pet insurance quote

The embedded generator turns into a QR code, guiding you to save your new pet insurance policy and resources to your phone as a DigiDoc, where you can easily access it.

You give it a go. You pull out your phone, open the camera app, and focus on the QR code on your computer's monitor. A webpage opens up on your phone; it shows a digital document containing all the details of your new pet insurance. Details like a phone number for customer support and claims support are actionable: ready to be used with a couple of taps.

You quickly save the DigiDoc to your phone's home screen; it saved as an app icon with your pet insurance company's logo, so now it's easy to re-open. You scroll through the DigiDoc and find your new pet insurance card - in all its digital glory. It contains details about your dog, coverage levels, and more.

How easy was that? You think to yourself as you explore your new pet insurance's DigiDoc. As a new pet owner, you feel at ease about the bill for that first vet visit.


The head of Account Management: checking the stats

Back at the embedded insurance provider's corporate office, the account management team is reviewing new policy creation over the past month. Tallying up the new policies created with each pet supply company the embedded insurer works with is a Friday hobby for the head of account management.

Since implementing DigiDoc as a policy delivery model, the account management team's work has become a lot easier. DigiDoc makes it easy for the team to manage modular customization between products and companies, ensuring every policy reflects the appropriate brand and company it was purchased through.

Dynamic DigiDoc finally provides the streamlined approach for creating the tailored experience consumers have been asking for - and that account management has been pushing for. With an API plugin, Dynamic DigiDoc can pull in unique elements specific to the policy holder and coverage they selected. The final product provides policyholders the customization and convenience they're asking for without adding complexity to the purchasing experience.

Account Management loves DigiDoc's Analytics Dashboard

The head of account management opens their Aerogami account and clicks into the DigiDoc Analytics tab. They see 75% of newly insureds have downloaded their unique ID DigiDoc in the last week. Nice - that's a better engagement rate than any corporate app they've distributed before.

All in all: an outstanding embedded insurance product, delivered digitally by DigiDoc.

What is DigiDoc?

DigiDoc is a new category of mobile experience that specializes in engaging and serving your audience. DigiDoc saves our B2B clients time and money by producing a better mobile app with less complexity.

With DigiDoc, you can establish your company's mobile gateway and deliver customer materials the modern way: via the smartphone. Equip your customers with all company resources in a captivating mobile experience. The DigiDoc dashboard for admins includes vital resources such as the Analytics dashboard, allowing you to track user engagement and DigiDoc's performance.

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