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The Many Faces of DigiDoc pt 1: Travel Insurance

Updated: May 24, 2023

Welcome to The Many Faces of DigiDoc! In this series, we'll paint the picture of how DigiDoc is put to work, engaging difference audiences across numerous fields.

Imagine you're planning your first international trip post-COVID.

The amount of tabs you have open on your browser is absurd

You're in the preparation phase: booking flights and a place to stay months in advance. After COVID, you're savvy enough to look into travel insurance for this trip. A policy that can cover expenses - should your plans change - is all you're looking for. You find the perfect policy and hit purchase.

That's when you first see it: DigiDoc.

A purchase-confirmation email comes into your inbox

You find it within an email confirming your policy purchase. Inside it is a QR code and an accompanying link, ushering you to save your freshly-purchased policy to your phone as a DigiDoc.

You give it a go. You pull out your phone, open the camera app, and focus on the QR code on your computer's monitor. A webpage opens up; it shows an attractive digital document containing all the unique details of your new travel insurance policy. Your unique policy number, provided by the travel insurer, sits towards the top of the page. Details like a phone number for support and an email for claims are actionable: ready to be used with just a tap of your finger.

You scroll through the DigiDoc; it sort of looks like an app. It saved itself as an app icon on your smartphone's home screen, at least. You find resources you would never have guessed were available from your travel insurer: additional assistance services; international travel safety alerts; even a guide to getting medical treatment abroad.

You turn on airplane mode; you will be going off-the-grid on this trip, after all. Your travel insurance details are still accessible - no wifi connection required.

Impressive, you mutter to yourself. I'll definitely be purchasing my next policy through this company.

Back at your new travel insurer's corporate office, the customer success team is reviewing user engagement stats for the policy DigiDoc - the one you just downloaded. Each of their insured members received a DigiDoc that is unique to their policy details, including add-ons and policy numbers. The customer success team wants to know if the new customer support resource - an online question center - is being utilized by last month's new customers.

The head of customer success scrolls through the DigiDoc Analytics dashboard. They check out anonymous data for engagement.

Overall, the stats are good. On average, customers for the month have clicked about three links on the DigiDoc. With another click, the head of customer success sees that 75% of users have clicked on the new question center resource.

This is great news, the head of customer success thinks to herself. The team wasn't sure that this would be a utilized resource, but when equipped within the DigiDoc, it seems like customers are flocking to it.

What is DigiDoc?

DigiDoc is a new category of mobile experience that specializes in engaging and serving your audience. DigiDoc saves our B2B clients time and money by producing a better mobile app with less complexity.

With DigiDoc, you can establish your company's mobile gateway and deliver customer materials the modern way: via the smartphone. Equip your customers with all company resources in a captivating mobile experience. The DigiDoc dashboard for admins includes vital resources such as the Analytics dashboard, allowing you to track user engagement and DigiDoc's performance.

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