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On Call International case study

On Call International increases client engagement with Aerogami's DigiDoc

On Call International, a Tokio Marine Company, prides itself on accessibility to support for their travelers and clients.

On Call International is a travel risk management company that provides 24/7 global emergency assistance services to academic, non-profit, business, and leisure travelers across the globe. On Call prides itself on proactively handling customer support, as well as planning and preparing for customer emergencies before they even arise.

Because of how firmly they believe in proactive customer support, it was important for On Call to choose the perfect partner for delivering the resources client travelers use to get in contact with them. That’s why On Call chose Aerogami.

“We’re actually using [DigiDoc] as a single source to provide pre-departure information, orientation videos, [and the link] to our Global Risk Intelligence site,” says Ariel Wiley, On Call’s Director of Account Management. Ariel is responsible for delivering the appropriate dedicated resources to every On Call client. “It’s not only a place for [the end-user] to find plan information online: it’s a place where they can actually reach us. That’s their contact point for On Call, because we can embed click-to-dial phone numbers [and] links to our 24 hour live-chat center.”

Ensuring On Call’s clients have a usable contact point for their purchased services is critical for On Call to do (and to do it well!) for many reasons. Not only do the end-users need quick access to those resources, but travel administrators and managers need to understand the resources and easily distribute them to their travelers, too.

“From the client’s perspective, or who we sell to, they love [DigiDoc] because we’re giving them a link they can embed in an email,” says Ariel. “They can put it in their website; they can put a QR code sign in their study abroad office to have people scan it…. They have made awareness of the On Call program more accessible for our clients and [their] travelers,” says Ariel.

Bringing awareness to an available resource such as On Call’s services is a big deal. At the end of a service agreement, an important decision-making factor for a renewal is whether travelers found On Call’s services supportive and useful, even if they didn’t experience an emergency abroad. With DigiDoc bringing On Call’s services front of mind and easily accessible, travelers feel supported in a way that a paper card simply can’t provide.

On top of making resource distribution a digital breeze, DigiDoc also makes management easier for On Call’s clients, too.

“We can change the plan documents [at any time]. We can update the information on On Call’s side without the client having to do anything. So they don’t have to submit an IT ticket to swap out documents for their website; we’re just doing it for them.”

This means less work for On Call’s client, making On Call a fully comprehensive service provider.
Another reason On Call and their clients love DigiDoc: the traveler loves it, too.

“From the end-user’s perspective, which would be the student travelers: they don’t want another app on their phones. They don’t want to have to register for something just to access information, so we’ve gotten a very high adoption rate in comparison to past technologies that we’ve used,” says Ariel.

She’s right; On Call saw an 88% participation rate amongst their end-users with DigiDoc between January and September of 2022. This blows the average app engagement rate of 1%-5% out of the water. Higher participation means travelers are making the most of their travel assistance program, and clients feel like they chose the right travel risk management and emergency assistance provider with On Call.

“So, [DigiDoc] has proven to us that it is a tool that people want to use, and that is because it is so simple,” Ariel concludes.

DigiDoc doesn’t just make things easier for the end-users and On Call’s clients. It makes things easier for On Call’s management team, too.

“With their innovation and bright minds, [the Aerogami Team has] made our account management easier,” says Ariel. “With our transition to DigiDoc, we actually reduced  our operational costs to develop sites specifically for our customers… we were building every single client their own portal, and that takes hours of development time. Now we just use DigiDoc… It was very labor-intensive before and now it’s very simple.”
By levering DigiDoc’s code-free builder, the On Call Team was able to minimize the necessary work for onboarding a client with their services. This saved the account management team time and stress, thus making for a more seamless client experience.

“We absolutely love DigiDoc! It has been—and will continue to be— a great solution for us—so we’re a big fan.”

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