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Turn policy documents into a tailored mobile experience


Aerogami answers modern customer demands for effective self-servicing by transforming policy documents into deeply personalized single page applications with DigiDoc. Aerogami's DigiDoc enables carriers to fulfill obligations and transform the customer experience with next generation technologies for lasting differentiation.

See a demo below.

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Increase client engagement & better understand post-purchase behavior

DigiDoc combines the best of multiple technologies to create a tailored, simple, and fast experience for customers to begin their mobile journey with their policy.

DigiDocs receive higher open and click rates than standard apps. Best yet, you can track all user behavior within the Aerogami dashboard. See which resources get the most clicks, or how often clients are opening your DigiDoc.

Development timeline in weeks, not quarters

It all starts with a PDF. That's it! A PDF document is what our platform begins with to create a DigiDoc for users. From a project management perspective, this means:

    - Little IT support needed 

    - No new editor to learn for your team

    - Increased data security for users

Secure content delivery without the complications

DigiDoc is a mobile app that's designed to open instantly, which means no app store signins are needed.

All data included on a DigiDoc is held on the insurer's server and on the customer's mobile device, thus making it more secure than traditional mobile apps.

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"With the DigiDoc platform, we've now been able to expand [delivering contact information]. So we're actually using them as a single source to provide pre-departure information, orientation videos; we're linking to our global intelligence site. So it's not only a place to find plan information online, but it's a place for them to reach us." 


Ariel Wiley

Director of Account Management at On Call International, a Tokio Marine HCC Company

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