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Going Digital for Fall Orientation

The corona virus has had no limit in it's impact on higher education. Starting with the spring semester and the celebrations that follow but now reaching into the beginning of a new academic year. Higher education institutions have been put in a tough position to react to this crisis with many difficult decisions to face.

The first of those decisions are the summer/fall orientation sessions that welcome the incoming class to campus life. In these sessions students learn about the core functions of a university to support students and keep them safe throughout their experience. Now more than ever these messages and resources are crucial for students to have access to as they begin their college experience in an uncertain time.

Already though institutions juggle to have these sessions online or to reschedule them to a fall semester. No two institutions are the same but both will require digital alternatives to delivering the content traditionally given in a folder.

Fortunately enough in the year 2020, most campuses have access to digital solutions that can help provide solutions to these difficult challenges. For example, if a school is a Microsoft or Google campus, they have access to tools like Google Drive or Sharepoint that allow them to create digital folders of content and share them with the students.

For information that needs to be easily accessible to students, there are tools powered by Aerogami that place PDFs & Handbooks or Contact Information right on the students' mobile device. Health and safety offices use Contact Point powered by Aerogami to provide a digital contact card for students that contain the important contact information they may need once they are on campus.

The corona virus has gone outside of our normal rules and challenged the system as a whole to innovate. Healthcare workers and essential personal are on the front lines but soon universities will be asked to step up to the plate with a plan that ensure a sustainable future to educating the next generation. It is this writer's belief that prioritizing innovation and technology will help get us there.

Need help going digital?

Book a time with one of our experts to talk through all the different options for going digital. Our experts are project managers by trade and can talk through the processes needed to go digital based on your own unique situation.


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