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5 ways to encourage students to follow COVID safety protocols

As we dive head-first into the most unique semester yet, it’s no question that administrators must be doing everything possible to enforce Coronavirus safety measures with students. But how can we ensure that we're doing the most to help students follow this unique protocol? Let’s recap five approaches for increasing students’ exposure and accessibility to your campus’ COVID-19 news and protocols.

Match how students currently digest news

Students have been digesting COVID safety information since March - share your campus’ information in a place where students are used to reading it. Digital News Report says that the majority of Gen Z first looks for news with their smartphone. Deliver your Coronavirus news and protocols in a way that’s easy for students to digest through their smartphones.

Make it easy to access

Just because your news can be read on a smartphone doesn’t mean students can access it easily. Try to avoid distributing this type of important information via email; while students can technically access it on their smartphones, it can be difficult for students to locate or access multiple times. One easy way to improve accessibility is to hook it up to a QR code - then students must simply scan to access the resources on their phones.

Make it look good

We’re living in the era of great design! There are plenty of free design tools available online that can help you spruce up any PDF - no design skills necessary. One of our favorites is Canva - just choose one of their existing templates to spice up your document.

Include useable campus resources

One of the upsides of distributing your COVID news and protocol digitally is that you can link to campus sites and contacts that can be of use to students, should they need more info. Make sure to include your campus’ health center site and phone number, as well as campus safety’s number and the counseling center’s number - just in case.

Spread the word - often

Keep sharing your COVID protocol and news throughout the semester. Make a habit to promote it once a week, especially if you are able to share it via social media. If you’re using a QR code to link to your Coronavirus protocols, print it out and paste it around campus, including in bathrooms and in the dining hall.

Looking for more tips?

Check out Aerogami's Lunchbox platform - it can help you share your COVID safety protocols and resources digitally. Learn more here.

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