Accessibility makes the difference in customer loyalty.

Creating a mobile access point is critical to keep customer loyalty. DigiDoc creates a new opportunity for travel insurance and assistance providers by using confirmation of coverage docs to convert customers onto a mobile channel. 

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Simplicity and speed become key features

In the Gartner 2020 FS Customer Experience Survey, three of the top five reported customer expectations are related to speed and ease of service. 


Providing a fast response in a claims emergency and having easy to find content ranked second and third out of that list.  

This is where DigiDoc is making a difference for our travel insurance partners.

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Turn Confirmation of Coverage Documents into an Opportunity

DigiDoc is easiest way to customize a mobile hub for your clientele.

DigiDoc allows you to build an interactive mobile hub filled with policy documentation and support resources. Include resources unique to your company, keeping customers engaged and coming back for more.

With the quick scan of a QR code, consumers have instant access to their policy documents. With another tap, policy documents are saved right to the home-screen of their smartphone. No visit to the app store required.

Mobile accessibility without any drawbacks

DigiDoc combines the best of multiple technologies to create a tailored, simple, and fast experience for customers to begin their mobile journey with your company. 

Once saved, DigiDoc takes advantage of all the natural features of the phone's OS to make it easy for customers to find your information and take action when they need help. 


Within the DigiDoc customers are able to make phone calls, start an email, or jump to your online portal to begin a claim.  

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No/low code Platform built for speed to market

It all starts with a PDF. That's it! A PDF document is what our platform begins with to create a DigiDoc for users. 

Now what does this mean from a project management perspective? 

- Little IT support needed 

- No new editor to learn for your team

- Increased data security for users

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"With the DigiDoc platform we've now been able to expand that [delivering contact information], so we're actually using them as a single source to provide pre-departure information, orientation videos; we're link to our global intelligence site. So it's not only a place to find plan information online, but it's a place for them to reach us." 


Ariel Wiley

Director of Account Management at On Call International, a Tokio Marine HCC Company

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