Safe Traveler Wallet

Preparing travelers for any emergency in one location, even offline.

Travelers can download this data easily by simply scanning a QR code or clicking an link


Critical information and contact points can be included right on their mobile phone, without them having to download an app

Include online portals or resources from a well built web-page that travelers can access easily

Safe Traveler Wallet also allows administrators to update the document if information changes or a trip is over

Why do partners work with Aerogami?

At Aerogami, we understand what it takes to go digital and the challenges that come with it. That's why we developed Safe Traveler Wallet specifically outside of an app market place, to keep things simple and digitally secure. 

The largest challenge we see with our partners is the complications of going digital. Many of our partners fear that all these efforts will lead to a complicated customer experience and a lower engagement rate at a higher cost of resources. 

With Safe Traveler Wallet, we blow through those barriers by keeping things simple and reducing potential liabilities along the way. We limit the type of data we access to produce a Safe Traveler Wallet card.