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Introducing Update Notifications for DigiDoc

A much-requested feature is here: email and SMS Update Notifications for DigiDoc!

Looking to let users know when there's a change to your DigiDoc? Want to give your audience a little "ping" to remind them of your services? This new feature is for you!

Increase user engagement and utilization with DigiDoc Update Notifications. Any time you change the contents of your DigiDoc, you have the option to notify downloaders that a new version of the DigiDoc is available to them. Check out a sample of an email notification below.

How does it work?

When users download your DigiDoc, they provide their name, email, and phone number. The Aerogami system securely stores that data for use when you update the DigiDoc and trigger a notification.

Users can control their notification preferences from the (new!) DigiDoc menu button. Check it out below.

Want to learn more?

DigiDoc Update Notifications are available for any Aerogami account! Reach out to the Aerogami Team to learn how to incorporate this latest feature into your account.


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