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Give any PDF the Power of a Mobile App

We're all familiar with the PDF: a digital document that can be easily created with Adobe InDesign, Canva, Microsoft Word, or numerous other softwares. Anyone can create a PDF and easily share it via email or by printing it out.

Aerogami is taking the PDF to a new frontier: the smartphone's home-screen.

What if I told you a PDF can translate into a mobile app? Yup! With Aerogami's DigiDoc, your PDF transforms into an interactive mobile resource - just like an app.

Check out how one user takes a PDF from Canva and turns it into a DigiDoc through the Aerogami dashboard:

Then, watch how an end-user downloads that same DigiDoc with the scan of a QR code:

How easy is that? A dynamic mobile resource, created by anyone with a simple PDF.


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