Introducing Lunchbox

Making sure your students never lose an important document or emergency resource again.

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Prepared students for Fall 2020!
Contact Point

Two technologies - One Solution

Contact Point

Delivering emergency contacts to every student digitally

  • Share your campus' resources from anywhere, with anyone

  • Help students access and use emergency contacts in seconds - right in their smartphone's contacts app

  • Track how many students save your campus' resources to their phones


 Your digital bulletin board

  • Share your handout to any smartphone in seconds

  • Ensure students have easy access to your handout in a preferred format: digital!

  • Track how many students access your resources

  • Update your handout on students' phones at anytime

What can be shared with Contact Point and LiveDoc?

Contact Point

  • Campus Safety emergency contacts

  • Title IX resources

  • Student Affairs contacts

  • Financial Aid contacts

  • Residential-Life resources


  • Freshmen orientation brochure

  • Opening weekend schedules

  • Coronavirus precautions and recommendations on campus

  • Safety resources

  • Clery report/Title IX resources

Full transparency, always.

What's included?

The Lunchbox Package includes 5 Contact Points5 LiveDocs, and unlimited downloads for all 10 items.

This means that you can create and share five unique, actionable contact cards with your students, faculty, and staff. You can share five unique PDFs on campus, as well.

You also receive a comprehensive onboarding for the platform when you sign up and ongoing technical support.

5 unique Contact Points

5 unique LiveDocs

What's the price?

2 months free!

Monthly subscription


charged monthly

Annual subscription


as $1495 one-time payment

I'm ready! What's next?

Awesome! Let's get you signed up. Select your preferred payment option through one of the two green buttons above. From there, you'll be able to input credit card details for online billing. You'll then book your Aerogami onboarding with one of our tech specialists.

 Interested in a test flight?

Follow the instructions below and we will build a free sample of LiveDoc and Contact Point for your campus. Just upload the document you'd like to transform and fill in the contact information you'd like on your Contact Point card, the rest will be taken care by us!

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