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Communicating with travelers through the apps they already use

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Note Passer is a tool built for swift and accurate action. This tool communicates with students through the apps they already use to communicate themselves to ensure a fast response during a crisis. 

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Once a message is sent, travelers receive a notification on all three platforms and can respond within the message to whichever one they see first. 

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Admins can then collect these responses, organize them, and confirm every student has been accounted for. 

GDPR Compliant Location Services


Respecting travelers privacy has always been at the core of our development philosophy. If travelers do not feel they can trust the platform or what third party providers do with their data, they simply will not use it. 

That's why our geo-tag service is GDPR compliant because we always ask permission before sending a students location back to admins and we do not continually track them throughout their trip. 

We only ever ask travelers to provide their location during the one brief moment we need them too. Anytime after or before that moment, they are free of any location tracking. 

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Keep it simple with

Note Passer

Send a message when there's an emergency and get a response fast. Ask for a location if it's needed. It's that easy.