Note Passer

Pass a message to any phone or email and get a note back 


Note Passer provides the casual communication we need to check in on large groups quickly and gives users all the current messaging tools available to ensure that message makes it to their device. 


The current platform sends messages via SMS text, Email,  and Whatsapp to every member of the group. 

Everyone who receives your message will have the ability to respond right where they are, in whichever application they choose, and as the admin all those message are organized right within your dashboard. 

What's that? You need to know someone's location? 

Unlike traditional notes passed in class, this is not a problem for Note Passer! This system allows admins to send out a Geo-tag message to the group too.


Note Passer also keeps the group's privacy in mind and does not track them in the background like most location systems. We only access the traveler's location when they allow us too, every time. 

So that means no battery drainage, no liability risk if a system is compromised, and higher engagement because users can trust the system. 

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Note Passer

Send a message when there's an emergency and get a response fast. Ask for a location if it's needed. It's that easy.