Mobile Bulletin

An easy, safe, and interactive replacement for paper handouts

Mobile Bulletin is all this and more for our customers and their students, serving as a central location for critical information and resources that need to be accessible at all times.

How do we do it? By sending the handout to the digital device that students always have on them: their smartphones.




One location for everything,
delivered to any device

With Mobile Bulletin, everything can live in one location. Embed web links, PDFs, telephone numbers, and emails all in one tool. All this and easy to save on any device. 

Digital Privacy Guaranteed 

Unlike most mobile technologies, Mobile Bulletin doesn't require any access to user data or their device. That makes this tech a safe choice for educators everywhere who value student privacy 



Easy to share anywhere on campus, for all students 

Mobile Bulletin is flexible for how your office communicates with students. We use QR code technology and a unique web link created for each Mobile Bulletin to make it easy to share on social media, on websites, or even on your other swag items. 

What we deliver

Templates built specifically for campus
COVID Resource Center Example

Each template comes with specific areas to place your specific campus information

In our COVID Resource Center Template, we offer plenty of room to include process or procedure information for students

Mobile Bulletin can send updates automatically to everyone who's saved it to their home screen making it easy to share updates with your audience. 

COVID Mobile Bulletin Example.png

Our templates are the perfect place for important phone numbers, emails, and other contact points that are crucial for students to have access too.

Everything happens online and we dedicate a specific locations for all online resources, portals, and webpages

Share your Mobile Bulletin anywhere via QR Code or web link. It's easy to add to web pages, social media posts, and email signatures. 


How does it work?


Pick the template that is best suited for your office and the resources you want to share
COVID-19 Resource Center
Title IX Resources
COVID Mobile Bulletin Example.png
Title IX Support.png


Once you select either the Title IX Support template or the COVID-19 Resource Center template, our team works with you to customize the elements for your university.


After we customize the template for your campus, we provide everything you need to promote it on campus. 
  • Social media packet
  • QR for your Mobile Bulletin
  • Download instructions for students
Now you're ready to share these resources on campus!


$499 annual subscription
Mobile Bulletin is offered as an annual subscription per template with no limitation on the number of times it's downloaded.
(Yes, that means everyone on campus can have it)