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Aerogami is proud to serve the international education community and do our small part to help offices across the world keep students safe during their time abroad. 

Our International Education team has a deep appreciation for the value an experience abroad can bring to education. We've been there ourselves! 

The solutions we offer come from that experience and through our collaboration with the international education community.  

Our mission is to build one travel risk management tool that's affordable and practical for any office to protect their travelers. 

Introducing Parachute!

A purpose built solution meant to solve the question of risk management in any study abroad office. 

Parachute focuses on preparing and reacting to emergencies abroad. 2020 presented a clear need for a solid risk management tool. 

That's why we created Parachute, to give any office the tools they need to get travelers home safely. 

Parachute features two technologies that are designed to prepare and react to emergencies abroad. 


Safe Traveler Wallet provides the preparation and allows travelers to download contact info, assistance policy info, addresses, and helpful tips for navigating an emergency.  

Note Passer handles the reaction side of risk management. It's a two-way messaging system built to allow easy communication between travelers and offices. 

The messaging system uses the following services to communicate with travelers:

- SMS Text 

- Email 

- WhatsApp

- Geo-tagging

Travelers can respond to any message from these services and offices are able to see their responses in the dashboard. 

With both these technologies purpose built to answer their side of the risk management equation, Parachute provides complete coverage for any study abroad office. 

Looking for beta testers

We are taking a renewed approached at risk management within international education. 

If you think your institution would be a good fit to join our beta group, please submit your information below and someone from our team will reach out.

We've found some great partners in international education and we're now opening up beta testing to every institution.  

The solution is based on technologies that have been used in international education for years. Together they cover the two sides of TRM: preparation and reaction

Aerogami is on a mission to build one tool.


One tool to solve the challenge of risk management for the international educators who do everything in their office. 

What's included

We're asking two things from our beta group: to complete a short list of tasks within the dashboard and send your feedback to the Aerogami team.  That's it!

Each institution that participates will receive: 

- Access for one semester to the complete risk management product at no charge

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