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AirMenu: the customer-friendly digital menu

Aerogami's AirMenu is a touch-free way to share your restaurant's menu. Customers just scan your QR code and instantly see your menu on their phone. No app required!

Share your Menu digitally - in seconds!

Air​Menu is a contactless method for sharing your menu with any customer.

How does AirMenu work? Simply upload your menu into the AirMenu dashboard. The dashboard will then generate a QR specifically for your menu. Just print your QR code and post it at your restaurant - customers will be able to see your menu on their phone in seconds.

Why is AirMenu easy for customers? Any customer with a smartphone can scan your menu's QR with their phone's camera app. It's just like taking a picture - check it out in the video on the right. After scanning the QR, customers have instant access to your menu. There's no need to download a new app from the App Store!

How does AirMenu help your restaurant? Once a customer scans your menu's QR code, they have the option to save your menu to their phone. Dedicated fans and new-comers alike now have a reminder for your restuarant sitting right on their phone's home screen. Any updates you make to your menu will be sent directly to any customer who saved the menu to their phone!

Make contactless menu sharing a breeze with AirMenu.

Why AirMenu is the best digital menu

All digital is not created equal! Other mobile technologies can create more headaches then they are worth for customers.